I just got my second fillup with my Yamaha Vino 125, and I’m averaging between 72 and 80 mpg. The scoot is rated to 96 mpg, but the way I’m riding (short trips, fast starts because I’m trying to get away from cars at lights and stopsigns) and the fact that the engine has only 180 miles on it are affecting that, I think. I’m going to keep track of the mileage indefinitely.

It is just ridiculously fun to ride, though.

I wrote about my new scooter a few days ago, but this morning I discovered that it has other uses besides being fun and transporting me around town.

First thing this morning was a breakfast meeting with one of my business networking groups. One of my friends from the group saw me getting my gear on afterwards and we had a long chat about the whole scooter phenomenon here in town (hundreds of them – I saw about 6 just this morning).

And then I rode over to visit a potential new client on the north side of the city. It took me longer than I though because one of the stop signal sensors never picked me up and I wound up riding around more than I’d planned. I got there five minutes late and apologized and when I told the guys my reason, they were understanding.

After our very productive meeting, they both came out and we had a chat about it too (one of them is a BMW rider). So the scooter serves as a topic of conversation and a good way to potentially connect with clients. This is the first meeting I’ve been to, but I do plan to ride as much as I can so this is a good thing to know.

So a few weeks ago my husband and I went to check out the last scooter in Northern Colorado, apparently. I’d been thinking about getting one since I started Red Kite about three years ago.

This year, because of the gas issue, there are so many scooters in town that I see 4-5 every time I go out now. A huge amount of scooters everywhere…

I looked around and did some research and found one 2007 Yamaha Vino 125 still in the box near Fort Collins. We went to see it (my husband’s a long-time motorcyclist, so he actually did the test drive). And he said it was a kick in the pants. So we got it, and are lucky to have it since everyone in the region is sold out until the 2009’s come in in October.

I signed up for the motorcycle safety class here in town – and they were booked solid unYamaha Vino 125til the end of July. But I lucked out and got in last week on a cancellation, passed the class and got my license on Monday.

So here it is.  It’s really cute. And it out-accelerates most cars, which I like a lot. I’ve been riding all over town since Tuesday and it truly is a kick in the pants, more fun than I thought it would be.

And the perfect thing for the 4-5 meetings I wind up going to every week.

It’s a business vehicle. Yeah – that’s it. Exactly. Strictly business <—-smirking.