I’m using a customized WordPress author template and have custom meta information for an author’s business industry within the user profile.

I want to have a page/post that will display only the authors with a similar industry meta field – like where author’s industry is equal to ‘Graphic Design,’ for instance.

I have:
<?php echo $curauth->industry; ?>

I want a page/post to show a list of all authors where ‘industry’=’Graphic Design’

Does that make sense and is it possible?

I have a client for whom we’re building a WordPress plugin. He asked me if we can set up his site so that users can subscribe to a particular category by RSS feed.

I said sure, very simple.

How about, he then asked, email? Could they get new posts in that category by email if they weren’t interested in RSS?

Sure. That too is easy – here’s a good plugin I’ve used several times before.

Okay – what about SMS?

Umm… that I wasn’t sure about. But I went to look and found this SMS Text Messaging plugin that sounds like just the ticket.

Here are a few other SMS text messaging tools for sites and blogs.

Go on vacation, then come down with the flu the day after getting back and that tends to put out the fire when trying to catch up on work.

This week has been super-productive so far. I have a shoe store client for whom I’m integrating FoxyCart, a great little ecommerce system for smaller shops; today I added FoxyCart forms to about 30 products and finished the remaining cart setup, and tomorrow will be ready to build a checkout template.

I’m also integrating OptionCart for a BMW racing parts store – that’s nearly done. And a Plogger image gallery for the same company (which is now complete).

And…what else?

  • Finishing up a custom Javascript gallery for my typographer client, as well as 11 XHTML/CSS custom template pages. That should be done this week, I’m just working on a list of revisions.
  • Adding functionality to a large site for which I’m working as the developer only. I have a WordPress theme to build this week among other things.
  • Finishing up a WordPress site for a dentist – tomorrow I’ll be creating a template for her online scheduling tool.

Whew. Time to make dinner.

Some recent issues with a few projects led me to quickly put into motion some of the business ideas I’ve been mulling over lately – more specialization and less generalization –  and it’s already beginning to pay off.

I decided to focus more heavily on WordPress, since so many clients are using it or asking for it, and have recently learned how to build custom templates.

My panoramic video client from NYC contacted me today and now wants me to rework some of the ‘website-in-a-box’ offerings he sells to clients to a WordPress platform. This will be ongoing work for me, and a big benefit for him since he’ll no longer have to support and instruct clients on the use of a custom, proprietary and older platform. We’ll create multiple color themes for one new theme to start then add to the selection.

Last week I built my first custom WordPress theme for a magazine website; today I’m working toward finishing up the site.

I’m migrating existing content over where I can, and am now working on a couple of contact forms using the Contact Form 7 plugin. I’ve used it before and I think it’ll work here; I need two forms for different tasks.

The next step will be to install a carousel gallery on the home page and another gallery on one of the interior pages; I’ve picked out two likely carousels but could use suggestions on the other gallery. I might use Highslide, if that’s compatible with WordPress.