After working on this all day, except for a short break this evening, I’m declaring this migration complete.

It went pretty well, only a few additional snags this evening:

  • Had to install Filemaker twice, but my client database loaded just fine.
  • I couldn’t find my PlanPlus backup anywhere – not on the CD I made just for that purpose, not in the windows_old folder and not on my imaged disk. Sigh. This isn’t an enormous loss, but I hope I don’t fail to show up for a meeting in the next few weeks because I forgot about it. I generally only plan out events in the next 2-3 weeks unless there’s something big out further.
  • The Intel Audio Studio for my system board only runs on XP, so I can’t use that anymore. And Intel’s Desktop Utilities file is gone until January – they’re working on a new 64-bit version now.
  • I cannot figure out how to let my PC see my notebook. This was working fine when both were on XP; I spent an hour today trying to figure this out and got nowhere.

Otherwise, OpenOffice, TweetDeck, Carbonite, Goodsync and all my little web development tools (XAMPP, WinMerge, IE Tester, Klok) installed just fine. And even QuickBooks imported my company file with no problems at all.

I’d say today went very well overall – I know I’ve missed some things and will be busy in the next couple of weeks getting everything squared away but the vast majority of it is over.