Go on vacation, then come down with the flu the day after getting back and that tends to put out the fire when trying to catch up on work.

This week has been super-productive so far. I have a shoe store client for whom I’m integrating FoxyCart, a great little ecommerce system for smaller shops; today I added FoxyCart forms to about 30 products and finished the remaining cart setup, and tomorrow will be ready to build a checkout template.

I’m also integrating OptionCart for a BMW racing parts store – that’s nearly done. And a Plogger image gallery for the same company (which is now complete).

And…what else?

  • Finishing up a custom Javascript gallery for my typographer client, as well as 11 XHTML/CSS custom template pages. That should be done this week, I’m just working on a list of revisions.
  • Adding functionality to a large site for which I’m working as the developer only. I have a WordPress theme to build this week among other things.
  • Finishing up a WordPress site for a dentist – tomorrow I’ll be creating a template for her online scheduling tool.

Whew. Time to make dinner.

We’re taking our first real vacation since going to Mexico a few years ago , and I’m scrambling to get a load of project work done before we leave. I’ll be working this weekend and the first part of next week on the following tasks:

  • Building two custom image galleries for a Houston-area typographer. I’m creating a full XHTML/CSS/Javascript template set for my client to use as she builds out the rest of her new website;
  • Building a spam-resistant form and an uploader script for the same client;
  • Tweaking a page template to make it work in (ack) IE6;
  • Dropping in 24 pages of new content into a redesign project site, or as much of that as I can squeeze in;
  • Some minor maintenance on two client sites, just an hour or so of work;
  • Creating a final version of the .psd for my SEO friend’s new WordPress site (I’ll be creating the custom theme after my vacation);
  • Adding some video to a site redesign;
  • Coding a home page and subpage for a new client in Illinois who sells race car parts;
  • Starting on a custom cart for the same client;
  • Writing one or two quotes;
  • And finally, doing as much as I can on a huge (and late, but still chugging along) Joomla project. Whatever I can do on that one, I’ll fit in this week.

On top of all that, I need to do some work on my hosting site. I’ve got a redesign sketched out, and will get that into Photoshop when we return if I don’t get a chance to do that before we leave. It doesn’t look very likely at this point – there’s so much to do on the homefront too.