Very happy to report that the new site for Loveland Habitat for Humanity launched this week. A pro bono project, I’ve been working closely with Habitat and Rob Advertising to ensure that the final result is easy to use (both for visitors and the Habitat staff that will be managing and editing the site), attractive, and focused on delivering the organization’s message with clarity.

I chose WordPress as the development platform because of its flexibility and low learning curve for the admin users. The new site integrates a custom theme, blog, Google events calendar, donation forms and Success Stories slideshow. WordPress will enable the Habitat staff to grow the website as needed in the future, and add new functionality without much fuss.

I’m also adding another custom WordPress site to the portfolio today, Front Range Factoring. FRF stretched my WordPress capabilities; the project’s intent at the beginning was adjusting a purchased theme for a live site, but in the interest of time and efficiency the client and I decided to create a new custom theme that would be easier for him to manage after relaunch.

Using the WP Framework  I worked with FRF to come up with a fresh design for his existing site. I incorporated a tabset plugin and column plugin for some of the internal pages, and learned how to add widgets wherever one might be needed in the page.

Finally, Kontour is the third new project going into the portfolio today. Kontour’s owner is a graphic designer and typographer, and she approached Red Kite to create a clean, well-commented XHTML/CSS template set that she could apply to the rest of her site redesign. I created a slideshow for the home page and a gallery template as well.

Some recent issues with a few projects led me to quickly put into motion some of the business ideas I’ve been mulling over lately – more specialization and less generalization –  and it’s already beginning to pay off.

I decided to focus more heavily on WordPress, since so many clients are using it or asking for it, and have recently learned how to build custom templates.

My panoramic video client from NYC contacted me today and now wants me to rework some of the ‘website-in-a-box’ offerings he sells to clients to a WordPress platform. This will be ongoing work for me, and a big benefit for him since he’ll no longer have to support and instruct clients on the use of a custom, proprietary and older platform. We’ll create multiple color themes for one new theme to start then add to the selection.