More photos from our Oregon trip. We never saw Mt. Hood but Mt. St. Helens was visible from Portland on the last day; my husband drove out to Multnomah Falls and up to Mt. St. Helens and got a few nice shots while I was at the conference. The smaller waterfall was hidden at a pullout on Hwy. 6 between Portland and Tillamook near the top of the Coast Range.


We took these while in Oregon last week for a web design conference. It was a chilly, drizzly day (but I came to understand that this is normal for late May over the course of the week). The garden is totally gorgeous, a highly recommended experience in any weather.


Back from WebVisions in Portland and I have a lot to write about – but I need to catch up on work today. I will say that while we liked Portland pretty well (it was our first visit), I am too addicted to Colorado sunshine to ever consider living in the Northwest… We had about 6-7 hours of sun during the week we were there. Never saw Mt. Hood and we were hoping too. More later.