For the past few days, I’ve been unable to dump anything from phpMyAdmin. The host told me it was because my DB was large (wasn’t) and another suggested I try another browser.

I use FF for everything, but I tried it in IE7 and voila, it worked.

Doing a bit more investigating I found a forum where someone was having a similar issue and the suggestion was ‘toss your cookies.’

I tossed mine, and suddenly FF is exporting again in phpMyAdmin. Lesson learned (and recorded here for future reference).

REVISED 3/20/08

Actually this turned out to be a FF profile issue. Here’s what Mozilla told me:

Occasionally a Firefox profile will get gummed up in a way that is very difficult to track down.

As a diagnostic, you could try using a “clean” Firefox profile: Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows @ MozillaZine Knowledge Base. If that works, then one of your extensions may be at fault, or a bad setting, or a corrupted file. If the cure isn’t obvious, you can move your bookmarks and (selectively) your other settings to the new profile: Migrating settings to a new profile @ MozillaZine Knowledge Base.