I’ve read opposing views, as a designer, about focusing on one specific industry vs. marketing to and working with companies in a variety of industries, and I’m a strong believer of the latter. The variety is what makes it so interesting!

And while it is true that if you specialize in one or a very small number of industries you’ll become a true expert in them, I find it just as valuable to bring ideas to the table for a client that may have come from a totally different type of company. While every business website is different, there’s a lot of crossover and features like blogs can serve lots of different purposes – not just ‘the company blog.’

That said, I was really happy this week to be picked for a WordPress conversion project by a print design company that specializes in an industry that’s totally new to me. It’s a good way to get exposure to a different type of thinking and I’m looking forward to getting started next week – and hopefully establish an ongoing relationship providing CMS development for their design clients.