I have a good problem. Before this week I was busy. This week so far, I’ve won four new projects – one big, one moderately-sized, small, and one just a few hours of work. I’m meeting with one client to launch my current largest project tomorrow so that one will be out of the way, and my second-largest one may be in launch mode in the next two weeks.

It’s a good problem to have, but it’s a little overwhelming right now!

How many clients is too many? I don’t think I’ve hit that point but it’s getting close. Two of the new ones won’t be starting up for several weeks so that helps too.

I just have this thing that I like to tackle big problems in long uninterrupted sessions – when I have meetings every day at all kinds of hours, like this week and last, that breaks my zennish rhythm. I wish I could break some of these big problems down into smaller chunks but sometimes the chunks are still multi-day ordeals.