One of my current projects is about to wrap up – it’s the skinning of a new custom PHP/MySQL order process for a candy maker in Northern Colorado. One of my colleagues created a really nice, and very specialized, order sequence for our client; my job is to make it look pretty and fit it into the existing site.

Since the site is kind of old and build in frames, I had to build a new template for my pages that mimics the look of the frames but of course, isn’t frames – it’s all HTML and CSS. I created a sidebar for holding the list of order receipients and dropped the PHP scripting into the central column of each page.

There were a number of popups specified – for things like photos of the different sizes and wraps available – and I replaced those with Thickbox because I like the clean look better. My pages validate for XHTML transitional but not for CSS because of those Thickboxes, so when we rebuild the rest of the site in the spring I’ll replace them with Slimbox. I’ve found that that script validates better.