It seems like whenever I have a not-so-great experience with a project, it leads to an improvement in my overall business.

Last night I sat down with three books that I bought around the time I started my web design studio in 2005. To one degree or another, all three of these books were useful as I was learning how to get my new business in motion and how to set up the basics like contracts, accounting and services I would offer: The Graphic Design Business Book, How to Start a Home-Based Web Design Business, and NOLO‘s How to Run a Thriving Business: Strategies for Success and Satisfaction.

I wrote down an outline of how things work at Red Kite now, from dealing with prospects, to kicking off new projects, to post-launch activities. And then I hit the books to see if there were any insights into how I might approach any of those things differently and more effectively.

I haven’t looked at these books in probably a year or two and only made it through one last night, but I found a few things that I can improve about handling reseller hosting, for one. It was interesting to see how I answered the quiz about temperament and capabilities for a new business owner; a lot has changed since then.

This week I should make it through the other two books and get a list (like I need another list) of some changes I’ll implement in my business by the end of the year. I’ll let you know what I come up with in a few days…