I just learned that.

I spent about 4 hours working on the paper background you see here, futzing with getting the tiling wrapper background to mesh seamlessly with the footer and header pieces. I love how it turned out – it’s for a horse sale website with an obviously Western flavor, but when I checked in IE6 I found it simply stretching the wrapper instead of tiling.

Hmm. I had no idea.

So I went back to Photoshop, opened up my wrapper-bg.png and put a background color layer similar to the middle values of my gradient-filled browser background. I also had to do it to the footer piece. It’s not going to be right on because of the background gradient, but it’s close enough.

I really hate IE6. I know I say I don’t support it anymore, but I can’t stand it when something I’ve worked hard on falls apart and I just have to try to fix it…