I got a late start today – first was our twice-monthly leads group for breakfast from 7:00 to almost 9:00, then off to the vet to get stitches removed from one of our dogs. Then lunch with my DH.

So this afternoon I spent all of it working on a redesign for a hardwood floor seller/installer from Loveland, CO. I’d done only the home page; today I cranked and got out about  others included a big FAQ section that I did as a definition list (styled in CSS of course) and now I’m just about done with my PHP-based contact form.

It’s a great form designed by one of my fellow Women Designers Group members – I use it on most sites and have only received spam through it on a handful of occasions. The one in the link here is actually the simple version but normally I use the complex one – I don’t think it’s available on her site anymore though.

It took me forever to figure it out the first time, but I’ve implemented this one today in about a half hour. Very cool.

My pages are validating for XHTML Strict, but I’m getting CSS errors because of Thickbox. I tried Smoothbox today (a Mootools version) but had no luck with it; I might try to find another before launch but I’m really pressed for time these days.