I’m sore today – both heels (I know I need new shoes) and the left IT band. I felt that begin to have a problem right after the 10-mile mark in the half marathon yesterday, but not bad enough to stop. Actually, I don’t think anything short of breaking an ankle would have made me stop by that point.

I was extremely pleased with my time, the weather, how I kept up the 3 minute walk/2 minute run intervals the entire way. And the medal’s nice, it’s hanging with the other one on my dresser.

Final time: 3:05:02. Very happy – that was a full 10 minutes faster than I’d anticipated given the best conditions.

Next: the Boulder Backroads Half Marathon. And tomorrow, a 20-minute run if it feels good.

Finished the half marathon this morning in about 3:05 (official times not posted yet. That’s 10 minutes better than I’d predicted in the best-case scenario, for walking 3 minutes/running 2, which I did all the way down.

It was drizzling and 38F when I got up at 4:15 this morning, and that was worrisome, but by the time I got downtown for the buses it had stopped raining. The weather was just about perfect – about 42F at the start, no wind at all and drying out. The sun came out around mile 4.

I was extremely pleased with the run – I was shooting for 15-minute miles and hit 4 miles at exactly 1 hour, and from then on got faster. It was a really great race.

And now it’s time to go for lunch (pasta, I’m thinking). Would it be annoying for me to wear the finisher’s medal all day?