Reading this article about Android color apps for designers a few days ago, I discovered the awesome little ColorGuide app for Android.

ColorGuide screenshotColorGuide

Although very twitchy (i.e., you have to hold it almost impossibly steady to save the current palette without it changing), it’s fun tool for walking through a store or down a street and capturing color palettes off displays, clothes, packaging, buildings, you name it.

Point the camera at anything and you’ll see a 5-color palette displayed on the screen. Click the Menu button and you can save it to the gallery. That’s all it does; pretty simple.

The photo at right shows a sample live view and the generated palette below. Click the camera icon on the left to freeze the palette, then the Menu button to save it.

Real Colors

Real Colors exampleIf you need something a little more stable, try Real Colors.

Take a photo or choose one from your Gallery and Real Colors will generate a palette – see the image at right, it’s a photo I took.

You can edit the palette in HSB or RGB modes, export or share it, or (with the Pro version) create wallpaper for your device.

The Pro version is available for $3.99 and is worth it if you’re a professional designer. It will allow you to export palettes to Adobe Swatch Exchange files, plus it automatically generates palettes using color theory rules (complementary, analogous, monochromatic, triad, tetrad and split complementary).

I really like that it provides hex values for each color. Real Colors is a well-put-together app that I’ll be using a lot.