I started off the day planning to get some work done on three projects.

The first one – I got nothing done. I’m still waiting on an answer about the menu from the designer. I could have worked on the rest of the page, but I want to make sure I’m clear about that menu first.

The second one – I had a couple of emails from the client about little tweaks. I didn’t hear back from the last reply, and I really don’t want to move forward the remaining templates until those little things are worked out because I’ll be repeating work.

The third one – a big Joomla project – I was cruising along on that one until about 12:15 when I tried to save a change in a component and Firefox said ‘no.’ Actually what it said was ‘cannot connect to server.’

Puzzling. Looking around a bit I discovered that I suddenly had no access at all to any of my sites or my clients’ sites at HostGator.

I got into chat with HostGator tech support and discovered that he could see all those sites. I checked my laptop – again, ‘cannot connect to server.’

I went down into the Basement of Large Spiders and rebooted the modem. Back upstairs in the office, I rebooted my computers. Still not able to connect. So I called Comcast and was told they’d check it out but it could be 72 hours before I got a response.

You’re kidding me, right? That’s not very Comcastic.

I got on Twitter and mentioned my problem. Five minutes later a Comcast rep contacted me and had me email my problem details to her.

In the meantime I submitted a ticket at HostGator and heard back about 15 minutes later. The problem turned out to be on their end, not Comcast’s (very unusual) and involved an IP address in their firewall.

So anyway, by about 2:10 this problem was resolved and I could get back to work – only I had a doctor’s appointment. I wound up not getting home until around 3:45 and then got sidetracked again and wound up writing up a quote rather working on one of those projects.

Sigh. I hope tomorrow is less eventful, but I kind of doubt it will be. I have a 2-hour meeting in the morning at 7:30, then I have to train a client in New York on the use of Contribute. Busy busy.

Wow, it’s Saturday already. What did I accomplish this week?

  1. Got a contract for a big new job over the next year.
  2. Got a contract for at least 10 hours of site updating each month – that’s good ongoing income!
  3. Got included on a team to redesign a prominent local business’ website.
  4. Got a bunch of new database work on a site I built in 2007.
  5. Finished my homework for the database class I’m taking.
  6. Found a bunch of resources to share on Twitter when I talk about it to my business leads group in January.
  7. Got another quote to write.
  8. Was shortlisted on a large site in Minnesota.
  9. Integrated WordPress into one site, two more to go.
  10. Had lunch with my SEO partner.
  11. Arranged breakfast next week with a networking colleague I don’t know very well, but want to.
  12. Fixed a major CSS issue on the interior designer’s site I’ve almost completed.
  13. Finished the last set of revisions on the wood flooring site.
  14. Working on a test mailing on Campaign Monitor, with the hope of adding newsletter design and campaign tools to my web design services.
  15. Added all the new green hosting info to my two main websites.
  16. Sent in an announcement about green hosting to the Northern Colorado Business Report.
  17. Mailed my holiday cards to clients.
  18. Hired a subcontractor to do some little things that take more time than I have available (she’s working this weekend, and I’m not!).
  19. Finished all three Simpleviewer slideshows on my interior designer’s site.

I felt like I didn’t get much done, but I suppose that’s rather a lot.