Wow, it’s been so nice since Tuesday – all my clients are gone or otherwise occupied. I’ve only had one phone call from a client since then. That is SO nice!

This coming week should also be great. Wednesday night we’re going to a client’s New Year’s Eve bash; it’s the fourth annual party and there were about 70 people in her condo last year. Lots of good networking and everyone brings food; that’ll be fun.

I’m working on tying up some loose ends this week. This morning I put together the list of clients who need W-9 forms from me (fascinating, I know, but when I remind them about filing tax forms and give them what they need from me without being asked, I’m thinking that just reinforces my helpfulness) and just printed up labels and letters to mail out on Monday.

I’m all ready to do my end-of-year finances but I’m waiting on that December report from the bank. Maybe by next weekend I can get everything into QuickBooks (usually I procrastinate, but I’m all caught up except for this month).  I use a receipt book to keep track of all incoming checks, and save all my deposit slips, hardcopy receipts and bank/merchant account reports in  there too. So when my monthly download is ready at the bank, I import all that cash flow information, reconcile everything with my reports and receipts, and file them away in my folder system. Works pretty well for me and my accountant likes that I just zip her a copy of the QuickBooks file when she’s ready to do my taxes.

I started writing up my business goals for 2009 based on a post in one of my mailing lists a few weeks ago; I need to finish that up and will post the list here in a few days.

I’ve got a new service I’m offering clients beginning in January – I’ve started using Campaign Monitor for my email newsletter and will begin offering accounts to clients after my first successful test mailing. I like Campaign Monitor very much so far. I’ve written up a features document and also need to add a page about it in my website, then add a couple of login boxes on pertinent pages.

One major thing I plan to do in early January is check in with all of my clients individually – find out how business is going and if there’s anything I can do to help them out with their site, or SEO, or email, etc.

Oh… and now that I’m thinking about it… I’m raising my rates as of January 1 so I also need to adjust them on the site…

I think that’s enough for now. I’ll post those goals when I finish that up.