I’m filling out a rebate form for Acuvue contacts right now. This is the error that I keep getting when I try to submit the form (which is about 3 screens long):


See that red text? Not so good, especially when nothing on the form is highlighted to indicated a problem.

Form error text should tell you exactly which fields you’ve messed up. That’s very easy to do, I’ve been doing it on forms for years.

Two weeks ago I came home greedily hugging my new copy of CS4 Design Premium and promptly spent over 6 hours trying to get all of it to install. Eventually I got everything but Acrobat to go; I wound up getting a copy of Acrobat Reader to open client documents over the last two weeks (and still had an old copy of Acrobat on my laptop to use for editing, thankfully).

I submitted a ticket with Adobe last week and it was finally answered today, although I didn’t understand the short answer. So I called tech support – and that was the end of my workday.

I spoke with a guy I could barely understand for 1 hour and 25 minutes. I spent about 15 minutes of that re-explaining what he could have read himself at the bottom of my ticket about what I’d tried, what worked and what didn’t.

About halfway through the call it dawned on him that I had the rest of CS4 installed fine and that it was only Acrobat that wasn’t working. I could detect the light bulb going off all the way from Colorado.

So… The last thing I’d tried was creating a new user account in Windows XP and attempting to install just Acrobat. That didn’t work. I kept getting a 1714 error saying that I still had an old version of Acrobat on the computer, even though it wasn’t listed in add/remove programs.

He went away for 10 minutes while I was on hold (I was on hold for most of the phone call actually) and happily came back to report that he’d found the solution.

“Please go to Adobe and search for this page: kb406241.” That’s (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/406/kb406241.html to us supportees.

I said “Yes – that’s the page I have open right here in front of me. I’ve already done that entire procedure and it did nothing for my Acrobat problem.”

Total silence on the other end of the line for all of 15 seconds. Then “please hold on one minute.”

When he finally came back, he told me that it was obvious that my registry was corrupted. The only solution left was to reformat my computer.

Ummmmm…. no. I said “no.” I don’t have a couple of spare days right now to wipe my computer. There’s no way.

So he escalated my ticket to “Tier 1 Support,” gave me a new case number and assured me that I would hear from them in 24 hours.

I hung up and went online to search for ways to fully remove old copies of Acrobat. I found a few posts that sounded promising and I followed their directives:

  • Open the registry by clicking on Start > Run > regedit.
  • Export a backup copy of the registry first.
  • Do a search for Acrobat – there shouldn’t be any Acrobat keys in the registry; I found a ton of Acrobat 7.0 ones hiding in there.
  • Delete the Acrobat 7.0 keys AT YOUR OWN RISK. Be careful not to delete anything else.

I did this, then I rebooted my computer. I logged in, put the CS4 DVD in, and crossed my fingers.

Acrobat 9 Pro installed with no problems whatsoever.

So thanks Adobe:  you told me to reformat my hard drive because of an installation issue (documented in your forums) when all I really needed to do was clean up my registry. That’s some fine tech support for the many hundreds of dollars I’ve given you over the years.

I started off the day planning to get some work done on three projects.

The first one – I got nothing done. I’m still waiting on an answer about the menu from the designer. I could have worked on the rest of the page, but I want to make sure I’m clear about that menu first.

The second one – I had a couple of emails from the client about little tweaks. I didn’t hear back from the last reply, and I really don’t want to move forward the remaining templates until those little things are worked out because I’ll be repeating work.

The third one – a big Joomla project – I was cruising along on that one until about 12:15 when I tried to save a change in a component and Firefox said ‘no.’ Actually what it said was ‘cannot connect to server.’

Puzzling. Looking around a bit I discovered that I suddenly had no access at all to any of my sites or my clients’ sites at HostGator.

I got into chat with HostGator tech support and discovered that he could see all those sites. I checked my laptop – again, ‘cannot connect to server.’

I went down into the Basement of Large Spiders and rebooted the modem. Back upstairs in the office, I rebooted my computers. Still not able to connect. So I called Comcast and was told they’d check it out but it could be 72 hours before I got a response.

You’re kidding me, right? That’s not very Comcastic.

I got on Twitter and mentioned my problem. Five minutes later a Comcast rep contacted me and had me email my problem details to her.

In the meantime I submitted a ticket at HostGator and heard back about 15 minutes later. The problem turned out to be on their end, not Comcast’s (very unusual) and involved an IP address in their firewall.

So anyway, by about 2:10 this problem was resolved and I could get back to work – only I had a doctor’s appointment. I wound up not getting home until around 3:45 and then got sidetracked again and wound up writing up a quote rather working on one of those projects.

Sigh. I hope tomorrow is less eventful, but I kind of doubt it will be. I have a 2-hour meeting in the morning at 7:30, then I have to train a client in New York on the use of Contribute. Busy busy.

Why is this so difficult? I just want to add one single image into a post that already has a media gallery on it. When I try to upload a new file into the media library from my post, my image shows up both in my post and in the gallery – but I don’t want it in the gallery!

Just found this at Not the Official WordPress.com Gallery FAQ:

Any image you upload in the same Post or Page where your Gallery appears will automatically be included in that Gallery. Inserting an image which was uploaded via “Media>Add New” in the Dashboard is not attached to a specific Post or Page and will become attached to the Post or Page where your Gallery appears. This causes the image to be displayed twice, once in the Gallery and again indivdually. The solution is to upload the image to your Media Library from a different, existing Post or Page. Once your images have finished uploading, save your changes and then close the Image Uploader, then go back to the Post or Page where you want to insert the separate image. Click on the “Add Image” button and in the Image Uploader, click on “Insert in Post” button to insert the individual image in your Post or Page. In order to avoid navigation problems, you should link the image to either “None” or “Image URL.”

Does that not seem, well, ridiculous?

This has been a really bad week.

I’ve owned my web design studio for 4+ years and consider myself to be a pretty experienced and business-savvy entrepreneur. But so far this week (and it’s Monday night) I’ve learned:

  • To never ever ever ever ever EVER do even the smallest business task for the closest colleague without a signed contract. I never do this, and I feel so stupid for doing it two weeks ago.
  • Be horribly and overly explicit. If a project is going to take 15 minutes longer than originally discussed with a client, get a signed change order. I have one client who demands them, and maybe that’s not such a bad idea.
  • Just because you like a colleague or a potential client, it doesn’t mean they’ll be good to work for/with. Not at all. Sometimes it’s hard to tell until you get in there and are actually on a project for/with them.
  • That some people that are new to freelancing seem to have a level of business naivete that’s just scary. It’s critical to remember that if you’re a subcontractor, your primary contractor is the same as your CLIENT. Subs seem to be willing to do things to contractors that they would never due to a client, and that doesn’t make any sense to me.
  • That having peers to commiserate with is priceless. I wrote a recommendation on LinkedIn for one of them today.

Please, please let the rest of the week be better.