I won two jobs this week – one doing maintenance and content updating for a medical office, and the other translating a new graphic layout into a functional web template for the local university. I’m really excited about the academic work – I spent a lot of time in upper-level academia and enjoy working with researchers as I have in the past on other projects. Plus, the university has a working style guide and strict ADA requirements. I always make an effort to address accessibility issues on the sites I design, but have never actually had to do it before. I think that will be a good learning experience for me.Continue reading

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve written. Sorry about that, it’s been so busy…

I had a strange experience tonight. I belong to a large networking group and tonight was an event I’d been looking forward to – I had a table for presenting my business to about 60 other businesspeople.

I spent a LOT of time preparing for this. I had a nice presentation of portfolio shots mixed with relevant testimonials. I had fresh color copies of my newsletter, printouts of my ‘design process in a nutshell’ handout, business cards, cool Parallax pens, and special discount coupons I’d designed, one for SEO and another just for a general site review. I spent a lot of time, and I came up with a good-looking, coordinated set of materials that reflected the effort I put into graphic design.

I must say I was quite disappointed that no one seemed interested.

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I’m always on the lookout for promising web design/graphic design conferences to go to… Web Directions North will be held in Vancouver in February and will be sporting some major names in web design and development – Dave Shea, Kelly Goto, Molly Holzschlag, Andy Clarke… Sounds fantastic. I will definitely be giving this one some serious consideration.

Well, my outsourcing experiment is over – here’s how it went down.

I chose one of the programmers (I got five bids of $12-20) because he/she had four good reviews, but they never responded. So I chose the second respondent and he got back to me in about a half hour.

We talked twice via email – he was fast, his code is clean and it works. That’s all I needed, and it was well worth the negligible amount of cash I had to spend. I’ll definitely consider doing this again the next time I get stuck with a programming task I can’t figure out quickly.

…that might sound silly for a small company like mine, but yesterday I spent two hours trying to figure out why external Javascripts aren’t working in IE6 but are working fine in FF and Opera.  I even went to Barnes & Noble and bought ‘Learn Javascript in 24 Hours,’ which I think will be a smart move in any event, but I just don’t have 24 hours to read it today, oddly enough…
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