I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for awhile but hadn’t actually been using it. When I migrated this blog over to WordPress last week, I went back to the affiliates site and build a few product links to show some of my favorite web/SEO/CSS books. That’s when I saw the Amazon aStores link and I had to check it out.

Wow – this is a really cool idea. You can create your own store using Amazon’s products (anything you want) and customize it to look the way you want, and then you get a referral fee based on the number or type of items purchased. I put about 30 books in my store and had the whole thing up and running on the blog within a half hour.

I don’t know if it might make any money for me, but it’s a great way for me to share all my favorite books in my web design library in any event. This is a really cool thing.

Have you other bloggers put an aStore on your site? Has it done anything for you if so?