Okay, so I’m starting late. Anyway…

Today’s assignment is to write an elevator speech for this blog. I think the tagline is already pretty well focused on what this blog’s for and may just work as my elevator speech, too – ‘things I learn as a designer of websites.’ That takes into account a lot of things – code snippets, techniques, dealing with clients, motivation, business tools and practices. When I started this blog I kind of thought it would be about design, but it’s really about the whole gamut of running a business as an independent designer and developer.

Wow, that was easy. I think I’m done.

I spent three solid hours today Googling for a plugin that would let me display an RSS feed from another site in a WordPress page, not in a sidebar widget (I don’t want to use the widget because the names of my RSS feeds are too long, they spill over the header image for the widget and I don’t want to alter those). I found so many potential tools that either didn’t work when I installed them or had a huge list of tasks associated with getting them to work…

I was really getting frustrated but I just found FirstRSS, loaded it up and (lo and behold) it works. No tweaking, no coding, very, very sweet. Exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve been using Adsense on my blog for awhile now (with little result) and am now in the process of changing that practice. For one thing, I don’t like the limited number of advertisers I have to choose from in the industries I’m interested in. And second, I just don’t like seeing all those obvious Google-based ads.

I’m trying an affiliate program that has (1) a big selection of good companies and (2) not a lot of self-promoting jargon surrounding the ads. And my policy will be that I only host ads for companies and products that I’ve actually used and would feel comfortable recommending to any reader. I’m not interested in hosting mystery ads anymore, so this is how it’s going to be for awhile.  I’ll mix up text and image ads, not have too many running at a time because I’m not interested in being a billboard.