Photo of Debbie CampbellI’m Debbie Campbell, a web designer, developer and blogger.  I’ve been coding websites by hand since 1995, and I’ve been doing it as a full-time professional since 2005. Maintaining two identical portfolios like the one that used to be here eventually seemed silly – so if you’d like to view my work, check it out here.

I’m expert with standards-based XHTML and CSS and my specialties include WordPress (I build custom WordPress themes, which this site doesn’t have because I’m too busy), custom gallery sites, and ecommerce sites, mostly WordPress-based lately.  I owned a web retail business for 9 years and have first-person experience with ecommerce that most web designers can’t match.

I think that good web design is mostly invisible. That is, when someone first sees it, they should think ‘that’s beautiful,’ but when they use it, it should be invisible. Nothing should come between the visitor and the goals you’ve set for them based upon your client’s needs – not confusing navigation, or text that’s hard to read, unexpected distractions, or colors that clash. Bad design (and bad code) makes me cringe, but good web design effortlessly walks the fine line between form and function.

My Colorado-based web design studio, Red Kite Creative, builds websites for businesses of all types. What I do:

  • Handcode semantic (X)HTML/CSS
  • User-centered website design
  • WordPress custom themes
  • Custom galleries
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign (4-year design degree)
  • WordPress, CMSms and other CMS platforms
  • FoxyCart, Shopp, OptionCart and other ecommerce platforms

My mantra is ‘clean design’, and my ultimate goal is an empowered client. I want my clients to take ownership of their websites and use them to support and build their client base, just like I do, because I believe that a great website is most likely the single best business tool they’re going to ever have.

Little-known fact: I won an award from the Colorado Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects for the mapping portion of an urban trails plan.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at any time. Hire me. Ask for references. I’m a valuable resource to have on your team.