The top design, development and marketing links for this week. Plus some other goodies.

The Link of the Week is from Paul Boag: Five tools to kickstart your web design business. I use Mailchimp, and I’m checking out CoSchedule and Proposify. I love Harvest for my invoicing though. What do you use?

More resources…

Are you offering logo design services? Here’s a guide from Graphic Design Blender: 55 questions to ask when designing a logo.

Because I know that, like me, you just have gads of free time for reading: 1o latest free ebooks for web designers and website owners.

Another one from Graphic Design Blender; advice that I’m going to start following today since I’ve just registered a domain for my new side project: 7 ways to turn unused designs into passive income. Passive income is good.

How to handle those difficult client conversations and save the relationship – if you want to.

Finally, here’s a quick overview of HTTP/2.

The default howdy greeting

The default howdy greeting

I like the WordPress ‘howdy’ greeting. It’s friendly and it usually makes me smile when I login to the admin dashboard. But for some clients, something a bit more elegant is in order.

Changing the text of the greeting is easy if you’re willing to get into the theme files. All you need to do is open up functions.php in your theme’s folder and add this code snippet:

Replace ‘Hello,’ with the message of your choice.

Replace the WordPress ‘howdy’ with a timely message that’s more personalized for you.

Or if you want something a little more fancy, we can set it to include a message appropriate to the time of day. To do that put this in functions.php:

New modified WordPress greeting

New modified WordPress greeting

For this one, you’ll need to replace the date_default_timezone_set with your own timezone (assuming you’re the admin). You can find a list of PHP-style timezone formats here. Then you may want to change the hours and the contents of $msg to fit your needs or language.

One issue with timezones – there’s no way to detect them automatically with an HTTP header and other methods like geolocation can be problematic. If you have a number of admins in different regions, you can try using this script to detect the timezone and modify the code above to include that so that the timezone will change for admins as they login, but that’s a bit beyond this simple tutorial.