Using CSS3PIE in WordPress, the latest method

I’ve written a few posts about how to use CSS3 PIE in WordPress and it’s still evolving (first one, most recent one). What I’m using now is shown below: it’s easy, short, and unlike the other two, has never failed to work on occasion.


  1. Please can you explain a bit more how it functions and how should we call pie file in css??

    thanks for the informative post

  2. PIE makes it possible to use CSS3 linear-gradients, box-shadows, and border-radius in IE 6-9. Learn more about PIE here:

    I use PIE in a CSS file called by a conditional comment for each version of IE, but it can be anywhere in your CSS. It looks like this:

    div#footer-container, #my-other-element {
    position: relative;
    behavior: url(/;

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