Collection of Website Tooltips

Today I was looking for ideas for displaying tooltips on a client’s new site… This is what I ran across, I hope it’s helpful.

Tooltip Scripts and Extensions

Top 30 jQuery tooltip plugins (using #13, Simpletip, for my project).

I like Tipsy and have used it before a few times, it creates Facebook-like tooltips.

Prototip uses Prototype and Scriptaculous to create a variety of AJAX tooltip styles. Old-school, some use images.

The successor to Prototip, Tipped uses Canvas and jQuery to create some very nice-looking and more complex tooltips; also has an API for custom cases.

A collection of 12 plugins for creating tooltips with jQuery, Mootools and Prototype.

Some tooltip extensions for Joomla.

Tooltip Tutorials

Chris Coyier’s nice tutorial on Bubble Point Tooltips With CSS3 and jQuery.

50+ Scripts With AJAX, Javascripts, CSS & Tutorials.

Tutorial on making Sexy Tooltips with Just CSS.

Tute on creating animated tooltips with CSS3.

Pure CSS Tool Tips Revisited.

How to create link tooltips with CSS3 and jQuery.

Another tutorial on CSS3-only tooltips.

Mobile-friendly CSS and jQuery tooltip tutorial.

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