An adaptive version of my business site

I took an excellent class on adaptive design at in January. I decided to try mobilizing my main business site, which is a WordPress site that was running WPTouch or one of the other instant mobile plugins. I disabled it and got started about a week ago.

After taking the class, it was much easier to see what I needed to take out for the handheld version, but I hit a snag when I was trying to get images in custom post types to resize. This afternoon I finally got that problem fixed and was able to complete the mobile version, then it only took about 30 minutes to get a separate stylesheet for tablets.

I think it looks pretty reasonable considering it was my first attempt at creating an adaptive version of a WordPress theme – if you have a chance please check out Red Kite Creative on a phone or tablet and let me know what you think.


  1. Do you mean in custom posts? What method are you using for resizing images otherwise – is it working for you? I don’t have my phone handy to check at the moment…

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