Stop Nivo Slider image flash before transition

I’m using JJ NextGen jQuery Slider, one of my go-to slideshow plugins for WordPress. I don’t notice this issue normally, but today when I added the images I noticed there was a brief flash of each image before the transition effect; this was happening in Chrome. After looking around a bit I found a CSS suggestion that seems to work:

Here’s the original post.


  1. Thanks for the sharing , unfortunately it doesn’t work for me..
    May I know what exactly the loading.gif is? Does it have to be a specific gif image , or just anything else?

    Thank you.

  2. The loading.gif I mentioned came with the JJ NextGen Query Slider plugin, you can probably use any animated gif. But I’ll let you know I tried an excellent new NextGen-connected slider last week and will be using it now instead of the much older JJ:

    I’m not noticing that Flash issue with this one, maybe it’s a non-issue for Chrome now?

  3. So this didn’t work for me either.. then I realized my image tags had the wrong height. I changed the height in the image tags to match the slider container and BOOM! Everything was fixed.

    Hope this helps someone.

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