The Chrome white flash

I’ve found something to dislike about Chrome – the white flash when transitioning between pages. On the dark photography site I’m working on now, it’s incredibly irritating – like a flashlight shining in your eyes in a dark room.

If I didn’t have the full-page background image I could apply a background color to html in the stylesheet and that would (I think, from what I’m reading on forums) fix it, but I have such an image so I’m stuck with the white flash.

This is enough to make me consider going back to Firefox. Is there a fix for full-page backgrounds?


  1. You could, have a background color AND a full background image. (no?)

    for example:
    html, body{background: #333 url(image/file.png) no-repeat 0 50%;}

    I use Chrome, almost exclusively (aside from when Firefox does some debugging better), never had an issue with this white flash you’re describing, but I always add a color to my background image calls (so maybe that’s why?).

    btw: thanks for your post on css3pie in wordpress, I’ll give that a try (a little nicer integration into the theme itself)

  2. I’m working on a couple websites with dark backgrounds. I already set the background color along with the image and it helps a little, but not enough.

    The white flash is really bad.

  3. worked on a site with this exact issue. Found a reference to fixing this by updating the tag with inline style background / color where color is your site’s background:

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