Moving from Firefox to Chrome

I love Firefox. I’ve been using it as my primary browser for years – but FF7 is just too slow.  I run the minimum number of extensions that I need as a web developer: Web Developer Toolbar, Firebug, Measureit, Colorzilla and a couple of others, that’s about it. It’s just gotten way too slow.

So today I started looking around for similar extensions for Chrome, my second-favorite browser. I found a good set that will take care of most of the things I was doing in FF plus a few other things I wasn’t doing in the browser, like screenshots. It’s definitely going to take some getting used to, but the speed difference is huge even with more extensions. Here are the web design-related ones I picked:

  • Chrome Sniffer – see what CMS or Javascript libraries are being used on a website
  • Eye Dropper – a nice color picker
  • Firebug Lite – a lightweight version of Firebug designed to be used with Chrome Developer Tools
  • MeasureIt! – an invaluable ruler tool to get pixel dimensions of any web page element
  • Web Developer – the Chrome version of my go-to FF extension. Not sure if I’ll need it with Developer Tools, but it’s familiar and easy to use
  • YSlow – Yahoo’s page loading speed tool

I wasn’t thrilled with the native bookmarks so I installed Neat Bookmarks, a popup bookmark navigator. I also got TabJump which provides a popup list of recent tabs and most-used tabs, and Chrome Toolbox that has a lot of quick-access functions (like opening all the tabs in one bookmarks folder on an Alt click).

Here are some other collections of web designer/developer Chrome addons:

It feels weird (see! I’m typing this post in FF because I just open it without thinking). But I’m going to try to get used to it and see if it will work for me.

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