Trying a new WordPress backup plugin

I’ve used a number of plugins to backup WP – none of them (the free ones, anyway) have ever really fit the bill as an all-in-one solution. You usually either get the database or the files, and you need both to fully recover from a server failure or hack job.

I’ve been using WP DB-Manager for quite a while for database backups – it seems to work very well except for the annoying nag message that comes up every time you upgrade it. The only¬† way I’ve determined to get rid of the nag (following the detailed instructions given by many bloggers does not work) is to open up the PHP file and manually comment it out – which only hides the message, but since backups are working correctly I can live with knowing that. This is a pain, though, and it scares those diligent clients who actually do those upgrades when they see the notice.They have no way to remove it.

Today I installed BackWPup, a plugin that was updated in April 2011. BackWPup has a comprehensive interface that seems to do it all. You can set up and schedule different types of jobs: DB backup, file backup, WP XML export and optimize/check the DB tables. You can choose which DB tables or files/folders to exclude from your backup, too.

Lots of options for storing your backup as well – from emailing a zipped copy to yourself, to backup to a WordPress directory or FTP, and other options like Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox or Sugarsync.

It looks promising and has had many positive reviews – over 55,000 downloads to date with an average rating of 4 1/2 stars. I’m giving it a try and the first backup will occur tomorrow night. Fingers crossed – maybe this will be The One that handles all my WP backup needs.

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