In light of the nice comments on my previous post on this topic I’m going to share how I’m doing this now, it’s a little easier to manage for me, at least and may be for others.

I’m adding this to functions.php instead of the my_render_ie_pie function I used before, using the WordPress function wp_enqueue_style, the preferred way to add styles to the rendered page:

And then ie8.css just has this, a list of styles that need border radius or some other CSS3 feature:

Notice that all elements that need PIE must have position: relative.

ie7.css is longer (surprise!) but has the same section as above.

I find this easier to get my head around, plus it cleans up functions.php and loads IE stylesheets the proper way.

As I’m doing some spring cleaning on my blog (note the new theme and updated links list), I’m using a brand new Logitech mouse. It feels odd.

The G5 gaming mouse I’ve been using for about 2 years was starting to wander – it wasn’t so precise anymore. This new one is smaller and lighter, and I had to turn the speed all the way up in the settings to get it to move at a halfway reasonable rate. Not sure what I think about it yet. I have to move it quite a bit to get it across both monitors and it feels really slow…