My new WordPress framework of choice

On Saturday night I downloaded the Hybrid WordPress framework and installed it on the site where I’ll be reworking my main website. By Sunday afternoon, I was a total convert from WP Framework.

I learned more about advanced WP custom theming in a day than I have in the last month. Very excited to delve more deeply into Hybrid and all its possibilities.

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  1. I’m a complete fan of hybrid. I’ve learned tons by using it as a basis for my sites. Infact, I find it tedious to use Frameworks like Canvas, because I want to roll my sleeves up and dig deep into the code without having to worry about options etc. It just seems that Hybrid allow infinite coding creativity! I especially love the Hybrid child theme: Skeleton.
    And Justin Tadlock doesn’t appear to sleep! He’s very responsive on the forums
    Happy coding!

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