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I have a pet project using WordPress that’s close to the final testing stage. I really wanted to have the page that opens when a user wants to edit their profile look like the rest of my site, not like a stripped-down version of the WP dashboard.

I’d been trying to use a combination of  the Customize Your Community plugin, which puts the login, registration, password reminder and profile pages into your theme, but Create Your Community was having a conflict with the custom user meta data display. After a number of attempts to get around that problem, I decided to go ahead and do it the other way – customize the core file responsible for the ‘edit profile’ page, which is /wp-admin/user-edit.php.

Now this work only effects the ‘edit profile’ page, it has no effect on the login/registration/password reminder pages. For that, I found the Theme My Login plugin. Works well, puts those functions right into your theme, and is oretty easy to style with CSS.

So now I’m a happy camper. I wish there’d been a way to easily make the profile page work with my theme, but going this route was not that big of a deal. I simply took the header and footer sections from my theme and replaced the “include(‘admin-header’.php);” and “include(‘admin-footer.php’); statements in /wp-admin/user-edit.php. It took only about 5 minutes to get this looking right, and now I’m just doing a little bit of styling on the form itself.

Of course, whenever WP updates I’ll have to replace the two code snippets in the new user-edit.php file. That’s not a huge deal. But eventually perhaps WordPress will have a feature that enables one to keep all the user accessible pages in the theme rather than on the admin side.


  1. Awesome! I’ve been trying to find something, simply explained, with exactly what files to edit for which effects. My partner constantly reminds me that going to our WordPress blog from our site completely defeats our website redesign efforts.


  2. is it possible to share the your modifications with more details, I need the same thing with you

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