Adding author images to post meta in WordPress

There are a number of plugins and tutorials for adding a gravatar image to the meta info for WordPress posts.  But my client wanted the ability for each other to upload/maintain their own images within their WordPress profiles. Here’s how I did it.

First  I installed the plugin Author Image – this places a simple upload box at the bottom of a user’s profile page. Nice and simple.

Next, I used the code snippet provided for the plugin and added it to the .entry-meta section beside the author link in my template page:

I styled it to make it smaller, but again this was an easy task. Next, I wanted to make the image link to the author’s posts page – that proved to be harder than expected, but eventually I got it working thanks to a post I found about an outdated user image plugin:

Easy to implement and my client’s authors can control their image from within their profile rather than having to update a gravatar.

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