Microsoft tech support experience… not bad

Last Friday I discovered that Windows 7 was deleting all my system restore points on every reboot.

Since then I’ll bet I’ve spent 8 hours researching the problem and trying the most commonly reported fixes (this appears to be a surprisingly common problem in Win 7 – there were 43 posts about it on MS’s system protection and recovery forum at last count), and none of them have worked.

Today at 12:30 I found that I did have access to free support, created a ticket and called the number they gave me.

I was on the phone with two tech support people (one in the research department) for 3 hours and 42 minutes. The battery died in one of my phones and I had to switch in the middle.

My problem wasn’t solved – they’re calling me back at 2:00 tomorrow hoping to have a fix for me so I don’t have to do another install, which I definitely don’t have time for. And I don’t want to do a clean install without knowing what caused this, since it seems to be a Windows 7 bug that’s affected a lot of machines.

However, I was very pleased with MS tech support. They were extremely thorough, extremely polite, and although non-native English speakers were for the most part easy to understand.

I’m praying that I get an effective fix tomorrow and don’t have to reinstall, or sit through another 3-hour call. But if I do wind up reinstalling, I can feel confident that everything possible had been tried.

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