Getting lots of things done

Today was super-busy.

I dreamed about being cold for several hours before finally waking up (with a 40-lb Springer spaniel laying on us) to find that it really was cold – the pilot light in the furnace had gone out and it was 58 F when we checked the temperature. Thankfully it doesn’t seem like it needs a repair, it’s fine tonight.

After breakfast, I finished up a proposal, packed up my project folders and notebook and went to spin class. I really like the group ride classes better than the ones that don’t even pretend to have anything to do with actual road riding. The class was full, but happily I got there early enough to get a pass (people without passes get booted).

Then I had three meetings in a row – first with a current client to discuss the SEO research my partner has completed; the second with a prospective client for whom we’re submitting a joint proposal; and the third for a current web design client who’s decided he wants his logo updated.

I went by the bookstore to look around for some inspiration about the logo, but didn’t really find what I was looking for. No problem; I’ll do some more Googling on the topic tomorrow. But I’m kind of glad today is over, work-wise…

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