CO / WY Creative directory launches

I haven’t been posting much lately in my blog – mostly because I’ve been working hard to get a long-time personal project finished and out the door. Done!

Creative Register launched about 10 days ago and is now closing on 30 listings. CR is a directory for (and of) creative professionals living and working in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming in the following industries:

  • Web design/development
  • Graphic design
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Internet marketing
  • Social media
  • Writing
  • Interior design
  • CoWorking spaces

…and I’m perfectly willing to add more categories as appropriate.

My main goal right now is to build up the database – if you’re a creative pro in N. CO or S. WY and haven’t yet heard about CR, I’d really appreciate you paying a visit and signing up for a free account. Paid accounts get more perks and are very affordable, but there will always be free accounts.

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