Yesterday I cleaned up my Blackberry curve to get rid of the ‘insufficient memory’ error and moved all my images and videos to a new 16gb media card. It’s running much faster today and I installed the WordPress app.

This is being posted from my BB using WordPress. What a great app – even better than I expected.

Sometimes an application may ask for an absolute path to a folder/file in your hosting account. Finding that can be hard – you often have to dig around on your host’s site or contact them for that info.

Here’s an easy way to do it: create a new .php file and upload this to the account.

Then just navigate to that file in a web browser and it will display your absolute path.

I use NextGen Gallery for WordPress often, I think it’s a fairly solid solution with a few quirks that I can work around.

Today I’m working on a multilevel gallery for a local architect. I have a number of galleries within each album, and I wanted to show the album name and gallery name for each of them to help the visitor keep track of where they are in the stack.

To do this, go into /wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/view/ and open gallery.php.

Add this line to the very top of the page:

Then, scroll down to about line 72 and just before the thumbnails section comment, add this:

This will give you a nice-looking, dynamic headline like:

Album Name: Gallery Name