Category-wrangling in WordPress

I’m working on my blog today – I have so many categories and child categories it was getting ridiculous.

I found Rob Felty’s Collapsing Categories plugin about 10 minutes ago and it’s perfect.  You can style it in an options page, but I found the default styling worked fine for me.

In the widget there are many options, including:

  • Excluding categories
  • What happens when the category is clicked
  • Sorting (various methods)
  • Showing post titles or just child categories on expansion
  • The icon to use beside expandable categories
  • Using animation for expansion
  • Leaving some categories auto-expanded

I was able to take control of my unruly category list and bring it down to a manageable length – very nice Rob! Looks like there’s another plugin for collapsing archives that I might try soon.

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