Upcoming this week

This week’s going to mark the return to work – I’ve done very little client work in the last 10 days (it’s been nice!) but have instead spent some time on Twitter, LinkedIn, adding more content and tools to my website and getting caught up with QuickBooks.

I have networking meeting and working lunch tomorrow, then a massage which I need badly (the recent windtrainer riding has made my lower back sore, and it never gets sore), then I’ll be finishing up an interface design project for handoff to the developer.

This week will also see the testing and configuration of a jAlbum/Fotoplayer gallery for my current photography client, and all the content’s finally ready for another client so that will be dropped into place. I have to rework her navigation tabs and add a WordPress integration there too.

Other than that, mostly I’m working on design ideas for a local pen/stationary shop and for my marketing lady, and I have one other meeting late Friday with a prospect. Oh – and I’m giving a presentation on using Twitter for business to my networking group Friday morning.  And sending out my monthly newsletter. Hopefully it won’t be a terribly overbooked week.

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