Countdown to vacation

We’re taking our first real vacation since going to Mexico a few years ago , and I’m scrambling to get a load of project work done before we leave. I’ll be working this weekend and the first part of next week on the following tasks:

  • Building two custom image galleries for a Houston-area typographer. I’m creating a full XHTML/CSS/Javascript template set for my client to use as she builds out the rest of her new website;
  • Building a spam-resistant form and an uploader script for the same client;
  • Tweaking a page template to make it work in (ack) IE6;
  • Dropping in 24 pages of new content into a redesign project site, or as much of that as I can squeeze in;
  • Some minor maintenance on two client sites, just an hour or so of work;
  • Creating a final version of the .psd for my SEO friend’s new WordPress site (I’ll be creating the custom theme after my vacation);
  • Adding some video to a site redesign;
  • Coding a home page and subpage for a new client in Illinois who sells race car parts;
  • Starting on a custom cart for the same client;
  • Writing one or two quotes;
  • And finally, doing as much as I can on a huge (and late, but still chugging along) Joomla project. Whatever I can do on that one, I’ll fit in this week.

On top of all that, I need to do some work on my hosting site. I’ve got a redesign sketched out, and will get that into Photoshop when we return if I don’t get a chance to do that before we leave. It doesn’t look very likely at this point – there’s so much to do on the homefront too.

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