Joomla revelation about banners on component pages

I’m using FlexBanner in two of my current Joomla sites. I really like it because to my way of thinking it saves me some time over Joomla’s native banner function (I may be wrong, but it seems that way to me).

However, I was having huge trouble trying to get FlexBanner to show on some pages, even though I’d selected those pages in the module manager.

One of my colleagues suggested offhandedly a few days ago that FlexBanner might not work on component pages. That never even occurred to me; I’m rather new to Joomla and didn’t realize that components generated pages that weren’t considered content.

So I took her advice and turned FlexBanner off on one of the suspect pages, then created the same banner under Joomla’s native banner manager and voila! it works. So easy and so much time wasted trying to figure it out…

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