HostGator rocks

This morning I was greeted by not one, but two ‘account has been suspended due to nonpayment’ notices delivered to my inbox by WHMCS, the software that manages my hosting client accounts.

I went in to look – not only had they been suspended, they had been terminated – wiped off the server completely, and for no obvious reason. The accounts were in good standing and were months away from expiring.

Immediately I submitted a support ticket to WHMCS (it’s now been about 8 hours – where are you, WHMCS tech support? I still haven’t heard a word from you) and then another to HostGator who hosts my reseller account.

I also went in and disabled auto-suspension for every client hosting account, just in case. I checked to make sure no one else’s account had been terminated. I still don’t know what happened to WHMCS this morning to cause this event in the first place.

I got the first response from HostGator within 10 minutes. Within 15 minutes, I had submitted two restore requests to retrieve those terminated accounts from the most recent backup. And within 30 minutes my two accounts were back online.

So HostGator, thank you so much. You guys rock. WHMCS, not so much.

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