Learning some valuable business lessons the hard way

This has been a really bad week.

I’ve owned my web design studio for 4+ years and consider myself to be a pretty experienced and business-savvy entrepreneur. But so far this week (and it’s Monday night) I’ve learned:

  • To never ever ever ever ever EVER do even the smallest business task for the closest colleague without a signed contract. I never do this, and I feel so stupid for doing it two weeks ago.
  • Be horribly and overly explicit. If a project is going to take 15 minutes longer than originally discussed with a client, get a signed change order. I have one client who demands them, and maybe that’s not such a bad idea.
  • Just because you like a colleague or a potential client, it doesn’t mean they’ll be good to work for/with. Not at all. Sometimes it’s hard to tell until you get in there and are actually on a project for/with them.
  • That some people that are new to freelancing seem to have a level of business naivete that’s just scary. It’s critical to remember that if you’re a subcontractor, your primary contractor is the same as your CLIENT. Subs seem to be willing to do things to contractors that they would never due to a client, and that doesn’t make any sense to me.
  • That having peers to commiserate with is priceless. I wrote a recommendation on LinkedIn for one of them today.

Please, please let the rest of the week be better.

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