February was a blur.

February started off with a bang – I attended several days of Web Directions North in Denver the first week (I still need to blog about some of that), which was great – I’ll go again if they come here in the future. You can view/listen to many of the presentations here.

So I was already behind and worked that first weekend, and got mostly caught up. Tuesday night was camera club – and I really intended to go, but it started snowing about 45 minutes beforehand and I had a bit of a sore throat, so I decided not to go.

Good thing too – the next morning I woke up feeling rather blah, stayed in and got caught up on the rest of my most pressing work, and went to the store for some meds in case I actually had something unpleasant.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a large truck. Zycam did not help (it usually does if it’s a cold, so we assumed it was the flu). My husband was about 1/2 day ahead of me with symptoms, and that was bad because there was no sympathy in the house. The dogs were very unhappy about being inside for so many days in a row.

The only time I ventured out between Thursday and Sunday was for an interview on Friday morning that I had no business attending. The clients put me at one end of the table and gave me hot tea, and I suppose I earned brownie points for coming because I got the job – a pretty nice-sized Joomla site.

I got virtually no work done between that Thursday afternoon and Sunday, but we did level our mains to 80 in WoW. So that’s something!

The next week I had two meetings on Tuesday, was feeling a bit better and then found out I had a sinus infection on Wednesday.

It was just not a very good 10 days for me.

The rest of the month I was productive – I pulled in about 3 new jobs, launched one site and did a lot of maintenance work on several others.  Things are pretty much back to normal and I’m looking forward to a less exciting March.

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