Joomla tasks I’m working on

I have one project website that’s for me, not for any client. It’s coming along quite well and I’m now at the final CSS tweaking stages before turning it over to some volunteer testers.

A few outstanding questions I’m trying to answer, both Joomla-specific and for the site in general:

  • The big question: how do I apply a module position (in this case a template’s header image module) to non-menu pages? That is, I have a module that’s showing fine in regular article pages but not for the registration page or SOBI2 search page. How do I apply one header image module to the entire site, then selectively apply other header image modules only to certain pages? The menu assignment list in the module itself is not cutting it.
  • How to turn off the Joomla login module once a user is logged in. I found several tutorials on this and understand how to create a new module position in the .xml file, then edit the template’s index.php file to add a bit of code to hide that position, but when I tried it it didn’t work. Looking for another method.
  • What should I show in the sidebars on the subpages? What’s valuable?
  • Should I show the same newsfeeds in the footer on all pages, or vary the footer content?

I’m hoping to get this project finished in the next few weeks and launched – looking forward to seeing how it’s received.

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