Harboring a lot of antipathy for IE right now

I’ve been working on my hosting site redesign for a good part of the weekend. I wanted to launch it tonight and I’m so close to being done – everything looks fine in FF, Safari, Opera, and close enough in IE8.

However, the neat little jQuery login box is not working in IE7 and 6, and of course there are other problems with IE6. Not many, but just enough to cause a headache and a couple of hours of extra work. I’m so tempted to slap a ‘you’re using IE6 and you really need to upgrade to a modern browser’ label on the site. I’m not sure if I’m going to do that or not. But I’m really tempted.

I may finish it tomorrow night. I hope so. I’m going to just hide the login box in IE6/7 and replace it with a simple form. The other IE6 issues are positioning things and will take a little longer to work out (if I decide to go there at all).


  1. Ah, go ahead and slap that warning on there. The only people using IE6 these days are in a corporate environment, which probably aren’t your target market anyway.

  2. I know. I really want to do that, but I’ve never done it to date. I think what I’ll do is make a note that appears if the user’s on IE6 suggesting that their browsing experience would be greatly enhanced if they were to update to a modern browser.

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