Quote requests this week – gallery with ecommerce

I’ve received two contact emails so far this week – one from a local person who didn’t give me any inkling of what he wants except ‘new site,’ and another from an artist in California who manages and edits his own gallery site and wants to add ecommerce.

I immediately replied and send them my quote request form – basically a big intake form that serves two purposes:

  1. Gives me hard information to go on when preparing a quote for a truly interested prospective client, and
  2. Allows me to weed out the tirekickers (they don’t return the form).

Right now the CA artist has all his art pieces hardcoded in his site, and that gets really troublesome to manage when you go beyond 10 items or so. I did a lot of research on galleries that use Paypal’s payment gateway last year for a photography client, and didn’t find very many that did and were also photographer-focused (pardon the pun) in their data display.

But since this isn’t for a photographer, maybe I’ll have more luck this time. I’ll have to do some research before I talk to him at the end of the week.

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