How to find clients who are after value, not cheapness

I don’t want clients that are entirely focused on the lowest price; I’m not the lowest-priced designer in my region and have no desire to be. I don’t cut corners for clients and I don’t want to work with clients who demand that I cut corners for them. That’s why I put a ‘what is your budget?’ question on my intake form, so I can weed out tire-kickers.

Sometimes they’re harder to recognize. These are the ones that want you to take care of the ‘little extras’ for them – all those things that will ‘just take a minute’ – but don’t think they need to pay for your time. I think that some clients are under the impression that a web designer simply snaps his or her fingers and all manner of problems are magically fixed. Voila!

If I turned the tables , maybe it would make more sense to them. If I’m working with a roofer, for example, I highly doubt that he would agree were I to ask him to go up and fix some shingles on my roof for free.

Perhaps it’s the economy, as my husband just pointed out as he’s reading over my shoulder. It certainly is happening more frequently recently.

I’m not sure what I can do to more carefully target clients who are focused on the value of what I provide and not on saving the most money, but I’m going to give it some careful thought in the next few weeks.

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