Helping Clients Remotely

I’m really happy with Fog Creek Copilot – it’s one of the many little programs that allow you to take control of a client’s machine remotely, but I like this more than others I’ve used.

You can create an account with a monthly subscription (up to ‘unlimited’) or, if you’re like me and only need to use it occasionally, pay just $5.00 for 24 hours of use.

Once you pay you get a little helper program to install and run on your desktop. Your client gets an email with a link to download that same helper program. They click and install, and boom! you’re connected.

I *have* used it to troubleshoot a client’s email (I hate that. I’m not an IT person) but mostly I’ll use it for training purposes – like today I was on the phone with a client whose site was built in CMS Made Simple. She’s done really well with it, considering that she’s not a computer person, but had some pretty detailed questions that needed answering.

So we got connected and I walked her through the procedures, both on the phone and on-screen. She practiced what I showed her until she got it down.

I have a happy client who now has actually seen the processes in action and understands far better than if I just sent an email or called her. It’s totally win-win at very little cost.

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